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フランく オッケー


I am an artist, musician, and creative professional originally from Chicago and currently residing in Tokyo. 

I began my creative life in my teen years when I started a band and began writing music. From there, I grew to love making art and designs for music. I made merch, posters, and album art for bands. When I didn't have a band to do work for, I would make mixtapes and CDs and design "album art" for those as well.

I eventually attended audio production school to pursue a career in music but soon changed my sights to a career in visual art studying Illustration at the Columbia College School of Art + Design. Ironically, the two paths ultimately crossed later in life as my work morphed into a largely multimedia-based practice.

For nearly two decades, I have worked professionally in the creative field, spanning art, music, illustration, design, art direction, creative direction, performance art, set decoration, and video production. In have heald titles such as Creative Manager, Art Director, and Set Dresser while also managing a freelance and personal creative practice as an illustrator, musician, and performing artist.

Thanks for stopping by my portfolio.

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